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The funeral ritual is as ancient and complex as humans are themselves. Over the centuries, various means have been adopted to commemorate the deceased. What we now consider "traditional" services in America are quite different from services held currently in other countries or ceremonies that were held in the past. Even within our own country, tastes and desires can vary greatly depending on individual needs and locales.

At Fisher Funeral Chapel, we recognize these differences and desires and continually consider them when arranging services. Life is an individualized process and, at Fisher, we believe the services held to celebrate or commemorate life should be just as unique.

Before making any funeral arrangements, we encourage families to visit one of our funeral homes so that we may assist you in all areas. During a difficult and often disorienting time, we take the confusion and hassle out of the services we offer and the way you choose to celebrate your loved one.

The essence of a service is one of commemoration and it is a healing point for the living. Because funeral services are so intrinsically connected to the grieving process, the arrangement of them is very important. There are a number of choices for funeral services. Services, regardless of their religious orientation or lack thereof, can be held in churches, mosques, synagogues, country clubs, parks or catering venues. Sometimes, they are uproarious and boisterous events. Sometimes, they are solemn occasions where few people speak.

Strictly speaking, there are no limits to what can be done with a service; they are all matters of tastes for the families. We suggest heavy family involvement in every planning area and in the carrying out of the service. The choice of caskets, flowers, whether to have a graveside service or a viewing in a home, where the services will be held…these are all choices that should be made together. Though guidance is normally necessary in all situations, we won't pressure you or tell you how your particular service should be held.

Though dynamism is not a word often associated with funerals, we do offer a dynamic range of possibilities for your funeral service needs. Our expert staff will assist in every possible area, taking the burden way from the family so that the healing may begin.

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