Payment Options

Cash & Checks

We offer a 3% cash discount on our funeral home goods and services if payment is received prior to the service. If you have joint check-writing privileges on the decedent's account or if you are able to fund the full amount on your own, this is the preferred method of payment. You can also access the decedent' funds if you were designated as the account's "payable upon death" beneficiary. Remember, power-of-attorney privileges end upon death. Some local banks will accept a copy of the funeral bill with the certified death certificate and issue a check to the funeral home. In Indiana, an out-of-court small estate affidavit procedure is available if the value of the gross probate estate, less liens and encumbrances, does not exceed $50,000. There is a 45-day waiting period before you can access the account. (Ind. Code § 29-1-8-1.) We offer notary public services, at no charge, to assist those needing signed affidavits.

Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards, however we can not extend a discount to families using credit cards purchases because of the processing fees charged to us. This method is convenient because it allows time to transfer funds or wait for insurance proceeds. It also allows you to make payments over time. Some cardholders choose this method of payment to earn rewards based on their credit card company's promotions.

Life Insurance Policies

We can assist you in filing claims for life insurance policies by initiating the call, putting the wheels in motion and helping you file the paperwork. By filling out an assignment form, you can instruct the insurance company to pay the amount due on the funeral bill. The insurance company sends us the payment for the funeral and any excess insurance proceeds are sent to the beneficiary. We encourage you to make sure your family knows where your policies are located, the value of the death benefit and who is named as beneficiary. We can also keep the original policies in a file for you here at the funeral home. Call for an appointment if you'd like us to help do an insurance check-up" to get your house in order.

Crowdfunding - Fund the Funeral

In times of great tragedy and unexpected loss, people are compelled to help...even complete strangers want to contribute..often anonymously. This is called "crowdfunding.”

Fisher Funeral Chapel endorses www.fundthefuneral.com as the preferred "crowdfunding" tool in the industry. We can coordinate this method of payment for families wishing to use this option. You can actually set up the fund yourself by visiting www.fundthefuneral.com as we are a registered funeral provider. When you create a fund, contact us by phone ASAP so we can verify your fund online. You will be able to start sharing and raising funds immediately through social media networks. We can also help you create a story that compels others to offer help and support.


In a hardship situation where crowdfunding is the only financial means available, we suggest choosing the most basic services we offer. We discourage emotional overspending, which causes more grief in the long run. Fisher Funeral Chapel waives any administrative costs associated with Fund the Funeral crowdfunding, extending a charitable discount in hardship cases as Fund the Funeral electronically deposits any donations received directly to the funeral home account. Your statement will reflect that 100% of the money donated through Fund the Funeral has been credited to your bill. 


Family Support

If you are blessed with family and friends who could loan you funds until you can pay them back, or perhaps all family members can work together to come up with the funds, Fisher Funeral Chapel offers options in all price ranges. We can help you find a fitting tribute in that fits your budget. We do not allow emotional overspending - you already have enough grief. You should stay within your means - especially when money is tight. We believe you should be able to pay your respects, not your entire life's savings.


If you have good credit or equity in property, personal loans or home/car equity lines of credit are available at banks, credit unions and finance companies. You can also tap in to 401K accounts as funeral expenses are a qualified "hardship" withdrawal. This would be consider a withdrawal - not a loan if you were not able to pay it back - check with your 401K provider for all of your options.

Specialized Funeral Loans

Fisher Funeral Chapel is pleased to offer Funeral Loans via this website. The application process is easy and we can set up payment options that best suit your needs. Simply visit our Payment Center page and follow the instructions to see if you qualify for a loan. If your credit rating has suffered a ding, finding a co-signer is another option - so don't give up - we're here to help. https://fisherfuneralchapel.secure.tributecenteronline.com/payment-options/payment-center

Work-related Policies and Benefits

Some local companies may offer retired employees reduced benefits on their group plan - even if the company is no longer located here. We can help you research any possibilities.

Social Security

A surviving spouse or dependent child may qualify for a one-time $255 death benefit from the Social Security Administration. We can also assist Railroad Retirees who have a separate form of social security through the Railroad Pension Board.

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and Victim Compensation

If your loved one's death was the result of criminal action, including drunk driving, you may be eligible for victim compensation. We are experienced in filing claims with the Criminal Justice Institute. If qualified, to $5,000 may be available in burial benefits.

Indiana Soldier Burial Award and VA benefits

The Indiana Soldiers Burial Award varies by county, but is typically $100. There are certain guidelines within the Veterans Administration that may qualify a deceased veteran for specific burial benefits such as transportation and cemetery expenses if death occurrs within the VA health system or if death was service-related. Burial in National VA Cemeteries is advantageous to a veteran and their spouse, recognizing that the grave space, vault, opening and VA monument are provided if the veteran is qualified. We can help you in filing all applications.

Fraternal Organizations

Some fraternal organizations, such as the Eagle, may offer a death benefit if your dues card indicates it.

Medicaid and Trustee Assistance

We work with all government agencies offering assistance to those who qualify for burial benefits.


Payable on Death (POD) Account

When setting up your bank account or reviewing your current account, consider who will be needing funds to cover your funeral expenses. Power-of-attorney ends upon death, so your P.O.A. Would no longer be able to pay your bills if they are not a joint account holder. Consider naming a "payable on death" beneficiary on your account.

Pre-need Insurance Policy

We offer National Guardian Life Funeral Insurance. As a mutual insurance company, NGL is dedicated to ensuring the security of policyholders' funeral funds. We we offer a full range of funeral funding products including funeral insurance and funeral trust. We specialize in helping families set aside money needed for their final expenses so that any Medicaid qualifying requirements are met. We strive to be proactive in meeting families' changing funeral care needs. In addition to setting up new funeral policies, we can convert existing insurance into irrevocable funeral trusts by making the funeral home the owner/beneficiary of the policy and setting up the proper paperwork to comply with Medicaid requirements. Ask us about the exclusive National Guardian Life's children/grandchildren rider as an added source of protection for your family.

Preplanning Declaration

Did you know Indiana law allows you to designate someone as your designee to carry out your specified funeral arrangements? You can name also name an alternate designee. When witnessed by two people and funds are provided to carry out your wishes, this legal document gives the designee authority to handle your final arrangements. We have the forms available at our office. We also having Living Wills/Advance Directives available.

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